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700+ watchers ART RAFFLE!
Omygosh, guys, just look at that!

Than you all so much! You're amazing!
That's a really huge milestone to me!
And as my graditude I'm holding an ART RAFFLE for my watchers!

~1st place~

- One complex shading (full body, one or two charas)

- One Experiment
- One simple shading (half-body)

~2nd place~

- One simple shading (full body, one or two charas)

- Two colored sketches (full body, one character)
(possible to combine in one pic with two cha
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HIIII GUYS! i'm not dead i promise. internet's been out for a bit, ive been busy, yada yada boring shit. BUT ANYWAY LOOK AT THIS AWESOME FAN ART vvvvv

also, be sure to check out the other awesome stuff people have made for me in my fan art folder! all of it is wonderful and i still can't believe people draw me fan art aaaaaah
WHILE WE'RE ON THE SUBJECT THOUGH. my messages have really been piling up lately and i haven't had time to go through them all, so i'm considering clearing em out. before i do though, if you've drawn me something in the past that i never got to see/comment on, link it to me below! i try to comment on all the stuff i get ;o;
:iconrainy-bleu:Rainy-bleu 49 47
Comm| Sally :iconpizlapizzabear:PizlaPizzaBear 7 11



Get ready for the new page!! :D
a new page of felinia will be uploaded on MONDAY at 5:00 EST!
Sooooo, I have just played the prologue of Night In The Woods, and I'm liking it already :P
Bendy and the Ink Machine
In a way you've never seen


Bendy belongs to theMeatly

#Bendy #Bendyandtheinkmachine #theMeatly #TheLivingTombstoneRemix
-Locked Words-
I was listening to Lockout by Lockyn and I drew this within 4 minutes! I also tried to be a bit original here :3
Music inspires life, always remember that <3
Wow, still 12 watchers xD
Is not like irc about it :P


GeneralOtaku014's Profile Picture
José Luis
Hello :3 I am Jose Luis. I'm a simple boy that studies and has hobbies :) I love music and drawings (specially kawaii ones x3 ) , but when I try to draw something... ._. You know, I'm not the best xP. I'm friendly, but also a bit serious :/ I love comedy and bad jokes (when they are funny, of course)
I can speak English (pretty obvious xD), but I'm Spanish. Anyways, you can speak to me in any of those languages (I also know a bit of French, but, nah :P)
Have a good time! ^^
Post these rules.
Post 8 facts about your character.
Tag 8 other characters (or less if you want).
Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Tagged by: :iconpizlapizzabear:
She tagged Felix The Cat:

Felix Teh Cat by PizlaPizzaBear


1. He has a crush with Paola.

2. His parents died in an airplane accident and he has been living with Tonn, his best friend.

3. If somebody makes fun of his parents, he will get angry instantly.

4. The reason for his eye patch was because of a stab on the eye from Cian, the one who bullied him.

5. Despite his cuteness (X3), he loves horror stuff.

6. His favourite food is pizza.

7. He's very skilled at cooking.

8. Whenever Paola feels bad, he will always appear <3

I tag:

1. :icongilgummybear:

2. :iconblossom-fur7:

3. :iconpizlapizzabear:

4. :iconbunonii:

5. :iconlugiafan17:
Pedro Pup

You can also tag me back!
Enjoy! ;P


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